Friday, November 22, 2013

Solar energy

Solar energy

With the closure of Fukushima atomic power plant, Japan actively diversify its power projects, especially concentrating on solar energy which is clean & green. It commissioned Kagoshima nanatsijima power plant at Kyushu island can light about 22000 houses in japan.

UAE-one of the oil rich country, with its proven reserves can last up to next 200 years actively invests in solar energy. Al shams parabolic trough solar power plant with the capacity of 100 MW is the largest of its kind in the world, located in 120 kilometre from Abudhabi city, and Al shams 2 & 3 projects are on their way to come up.

Dubai also successfully operates its 13 MV photo voltic power plant exactly same time when India's Koodamkulam atomic plant came to critical. Dubai has planned Mohammed bin Rashid al Makhtoum solar park to be completed by 2030 with the capacity of 1000 MW, and anyone can bet they will complete the project in time or before successfully as they did other projects.

India has tremendous demand for power and there is no hope of any long time project to meet the demand. Frequent power cut is shame on the nation. While Germany planning to shut down all its atomic plants by the end of 2020, India planning to increase its atomic power generation by atleast 40% more by the same period. Atomic energy is dangerous, if not today, definitely tomorrow. India has vast potential for wind & solar energy but it seems government does not have any long term plan to harness green energy instead rely more on diminishing fossil fuel or hazardous atomic fuel.

Where the nation heading to?

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